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Impact of Supportive Policies on Price Deviation in Iranian Manufacturing Industry

Mohammad Nabi Shahiki Tash; Fazeleh Gholizadeh; Farkhondeh Soleimani

Volume 21, Issue 80 , April 2021, Pages 11-45


   According to empirical evidence, the consequences of supportive policies will not necessarily lead to efficient industries, optimal allocation of resources, international competition, and optimal use of opportunities. Inappropriate or suboptimal use of the supportive policies in manufacturing industries ...  Read More

Evaluation of COVID-19 Virus Effect on Production and Employment of Iranian Economy

Esfandiar Jahangard; Jamal Kakaie

Volume 21, Issue 80 , April 2021, Pages 47-77


   The COVID-19 pandemic became widespread in most countries of the world in late 2019. In addition to human casualties, it has also affected the economies of countries. According to IMF, the world economic growth in 2020 was -3.5 percent. However, the GDP’s growth rate of the Iran economy for ...  Read More

The Effect of Climate Changes on Exports and Imports and the Welfare of Urban and Rural Consumers in Iran

Mahdiyeh Saei

Volume 21, Issue 80 , April 2021, Pages 79-109


   The present study seeks to investigate the effect of climate change on exports and imports and the welfare of urban and rural consumers in Iran. For this purpose, the CGE is used as a tool for analysis and The Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) of 1390 as a database. In this study, activity and goods ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Early Prevention Policies Among Adolescents in the Benefits of Drug Abuse

Shahzad Broumand Jazi

Volume 21, Issue 80 , April 2021, Pages 112-140


   In the rational choice model, the individual decides to use drugs after calculating their cost-benefit. However, since using drugs involves economic and health costs, public policies are being implemented by adolescents to prevent the experience and consumption of these drugs. As at present, these ...  Read More

Investigating the Effect of Natural Resources Rents and Institutional Quality on Financial Development in Developing Countries

Bakhtiar Javaheri; Khaled Ahmadzadeh; Homeyra Shahveisi

Volume 21, Issue 80 , April 2021, Pages 141-168


   The existence of efficient financial institutions, proper allocation of resources and financial development are the prerequisites for achieving desired economic growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the factors affecting the financial development of countries. This study ...  Read More

The Role of Enabling Trade Indices on Iran's Exports: Gravity Model Approach

Rozbeh Amanifard; Mohsen Mohammadi Khyareh; Reza Mazhari

Volume 21, Issue 80 , April 2021, Pages 170-218


   The importance of establishing “Enabling Trade” measures in the countries of origin and destination of exports is of great importance in the international economic literature. In this regard, many studies have shown that improving Enabling Trade can reduce trade costs and improve export ...  Read More