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Journal of Economic Research is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal published by Allameh Tabataba’i University, the leading university in Humanities and Social Sciences in Iran. Journal of Economic Research has been established to provide an intellectual platform for national and international researchers working on issues related to economics. The Journal was founded in as a response to quick advancements in economics and was dedicated to the publication of highest-quality research studies that report findings on issues of great concern to the profession of economics.   

To allow for easy and worldwide access to the most updated research findings, the journal is set to be an open-access journal. The journal charges two million Rials to compensate a part of the arbitration fee, and if the article is accepted, additonally four million Rials will be charged from the authors for a part of the costs of processing the articles, the rest of the costs will be financially supported by Allameh Tabatabai University.

Non-Iranian authors are free of mentioned charges.

The journal is published in both a print version and an online version.

Informational Asymmetry between Institutional and Individual Traders: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange

Gholamreza Keshavarz Haddad; Haamed Vahidi

Volume 22, Issue 86 , October 2022, Pages 1-36


   Informational asymmetry between institutional and individual traders is one of the widely examined issues in financial markets. The preference of each of these groups to attain personal information may provide other traders with important information. Novice traders, seeking opportunities for profit, ...  Read More

The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Economic Growth: A Multilevel Meta-Analysis Approach

Mohammad Bagher Shirmehenji; Mahdiyeh Moradizadeh; Mohammad Javad Nourahmadi

Volume 22, Issue 86 , October 2022, Pages 37-82


   The theoretical literature on fiscal decentralization has identified several channels for the impact of this policy on economic growth. Some studies emphasize the positive effect of fiscal decentralization on economic growth, while others consider it as a potential factor reducing economic growth ...  Read More

The Socio-Economic Determinants of ICT Expenditures in Iranian Urban Households Using Heckman's Two-Stage Method

Ali Asghar Salem; Habib Morovat; Atefeh Heidary Milani; Masoumeh Azizkhani

Volume 22, Issue 86 , October 2022, Pages 83-120


   Over the last decade, there has been a clear increase in ICT expenditures by households, both in value and as a proportion of total expenditure. Such a trend, however, has not affected all households in the same way. This study analyzes the socio-economic determinants of urban household expenditures ...  Read More

Pro-Poor Growth in the Urban Areas of Iran's Provinces

Elham Heshmati Dayari; Sohrab Delangizan; Mohammad Sharif Karimi

Volume 22, Issue 86 , October 2022, Pages 121-150


   Poverty is one of the major problems of human societies that causes many social harms. Therefore, policymakers and economic development planners always aim to eliminate it. In addition, economic growth is one of the important and influential variables of macroeconomics. Therefore, examining the ...  Read More

The Capital and Labor Elasticities of Aggregate Output

Ali Motavasseli

Volume 22, Issue 86 , October 2022, Pages 151-184


   The elasticity of aggregate output with respect to aggregate capital and labor is computed using the cost structure of the production network of Iran's economy without using the aggregate production function. Estimations are made using Input-Output tables and according to a method developed by ...  Read More

The Impact of Economic Complexity on Economic Growth in N-11 Countries: A Panel ARDL Approach Study

Mohsen Mohammadi Khyareh; Amineh Zivari

Volume 22, Issue 86 , October 2022, Pages 185-219


   Economic complexity is a relatively new concept developed in recent years to assess the productive characteristics of countries. It not only explains the production structure, but also helps examine differences in income and growth across countries. In this paper, we estimate the macroeconomic ...  Read More

An Investigation on the Effect of Tax Avoidance on the Transparency of Financial Reporting Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Omid Pour-heidari; Mohammad Hasan Fadavi; Meysam Amini-nia

Volume 14, Issue 52 , April 2014, , Pages 85-69

  Abstract In this paper, the impact of tax avoidance on the transparency of financial reporting of firms listed in Tehran Stock Exchange is investigated. The indexes that are used to measure tax avoidance and financial reporting transparency are respectively effective tax rate and accruals quality. The ...  Read More

The concept and measurement of economic Resilience

abolfazl ghiasvand; fatemeh abdolshah

Volume 15, Issue 59 , January 2016, , Pages 161-187

  In this paper, resilience of an economic system is measured by an overall index, based on the Borman et al. index, for the period of 1996-2013. The results are then compared with Briguglio index. To measure the final index, the first step is to make variables have a similar direction. The second step ...  Read More

Study of Correlation between Volatility of Stock, Exchange and Gold Coin Markets in Iran with DCC-GARCH Model

Firouz Fallahi; Jafar Hghighat; Naser Sanoubar; Khalil Jahangiri

Volume 14, Issue 52 , April 2014, , Pages 147-123

  Abstract The aim of this paper is to investigate the behavior of stock, exchange and gold coin markets and their correlations structure by using the DCC-GARCH model and the daily data for the period from 23 July 2011 to 22 September 2013 in Iran. Results show that there is a high correlation between ...  Read More

Money and Monetary Economics
Investigating the asymmetric effects of economic factors on the level of bank facilities

ehsan zangane; gholamreza zamanian; Mohammad Nabi Shahiki Tash; ali cheshomi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 05 July 2023


  In Iran's economy, most of the financial resources needed by economic enterprises are provided through the granting of facilities by the banking network. Therefore, studying the factors affecting banking facilities to the private sector in Iran's economy is of particular importance. Therefore, in this ...  Read More

Financial Economics
The Effect of New Inside and Outside Information on Liquidity in the Iran’s Stock Market

Mahdieh Akbari Roshan; shapor mohammadi; jafar ebadi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 18 July 2023


  The expected value of stock’s company can change differently to the new inside and outside information which dependents to the nature of the company. The main purpose of this paper is to test the effect of new different information on bid-ask spread. Accordingly, with event study in the selected ...  Read More

Public Sector Economics
suggestion for debt policy management in Iran’s Seventh Development Plan

reza zamani; masoud majidi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 11 September 2023


  Debt management, as one of the important aspects of fiscal policy in countries around the world, is constantly considered by policymakers. As public debt can have a positive impact on economic growth and can pose a threat to the financial and debt crisis, it must be managed properly and through appropriate ...  Read More

The Economy of Iran
Full Comparing Statistical Errors of the Second and Third Tables Types of and Their Relations to Value-Added in Gross Exports

ali asghar banouei; afsane sherkat; Fatemeh Bazzazan; Somayeh Shahhosseini; Azin KianiRad

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 11 September 2023


  In this article three types of tables followed by a modified table of 2016 of central bank for understanding the changes from the first generation of statistical base to the second generation data base requirements of the new international trade theory are introduced. The third type of table plays a ...  Read More

Money and Monetary Economics
An analysis of the growth of land and housing prices and its relationship with some macroeconomic variables of Iran

abbas shakeri; Elnaz Bagherpur Oskouie

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 01 November 2023


  ترجمه بیش از حد طولانی است و ذخیره نمی‌شودThe present study provides a new understanding of the causal relationship between land/housing prices and liquidity and economic growth by using the continuous wavelet transform approach and analysis in the time-frequency domain. ...  Read More

The Economy of Iran
The Impact of Oil Price Uncertainty on Corporates Cash holdings: Evidence From Iran

Bahram Mohseni Maleki; Hamid Khazaei

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 01 November 2023


  Oil prices and it’s uncertainties are considered as a factor affecting the economy and financial markets of countries and also introduce as one of the factors affecting the holding of companies' cash. Considering that the chemical products industry has an important role in the economic development ...  Read More

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