Review Process

The review process is quite vital for any and all renowned scientific publications around the world in order to preserve and improve the quality and validity of scholarly endeavors. The review process for all ATU Press journals and articles includes a double-blind, peer-reviewed process, meaning that the author(s) and reviewer(s) have no information or knowledge regarding the other party’s identity.

Each manuscript submitted to the journal for publication will be examined by at least two independent reviewers. All manuscripts sent to the journal for publication will be checked for plagiarism before being sent to the reviewers. The journal has a zero-toleranc’ policy for plagiarism. 

The editor-in-chief ensures that the peer-review process will proceed confidentially and that no one other than the authors and the reviewers will have access to the content of the submitted paper until it has been published in the journal. The final decision on the manuscript would be entirely based on the reviewers' decisions, with no external factor in play. In the case of disagreement between the reviewers, the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the paper will be made either by a third reviewer or the editorial board.

AT ATU Press, the anonymity of all personnel within the review process for all articles, especially that of the reviewers, is observed with the utmost care and precision through a compartmented online data management system.

To help safeguard this process, please observe the following when submitting your papers:

  • The cover page (first page) of your file is required to include the title of the article, author(s) name(s), affiliation(s), and a reliable contact information for the corresponding author including email address, telephone number, and a complete home address.
  • The title page (second page) of your file is required to include only the title of the article without any other extra information.
  • All other pages of the rest of your file need be empty of any and all information which may disclose the identity of the author(s).
  • Please do not write the name of the author(s) before the abstract or in the footnotes of any page.

Once a paper is submitted to any ATU journal, it will primarily be examined by the editorial board of that journal. In case the paper has the necessary basic requirements and qualifies for a review process, it will be sent to relevant reviewers to undergo the double-blind, peer-review process. Once the review process is finished, the paper will be either:

  • Accepted;
  • Conditional Accepted (pending the implementation of revisions suggested by reviewers or the editorial board); or,
  • Rejected.