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Investigation of the Effect of Financial Development on Income Distribution in Iran

Ali Ghanbari; Majid Aghaei; Mahdieh Rezagholizadeh

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 1-29

  Abstract           Since the financial development can exert a significant effect on the distribution of income; in this paper we would investigate the relationship between the financial development and inequality in Iran. So, we estimate this relationship ...  Read More

The Examination of the Effect of Fiscal Policies on Income Distribution in IRAN

Abbas Assari Arani; Lotfali Agheli; Saeid Shafiei; Meysam Rasoli Mir

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 31-48

    Abstract           Fair distribution of income has been considered as the most important economic issues in different countries. In recent years, the quality of income distribution and the impact of macroeconomic policies on that has been more considered, ...  Read More

The effects of economic integration through international trade on business cycles(The case of Eco’s Members)

Mohammadreza Saadi

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 49-69

  Abstract           The Economic integration is the most important phenomenon. Increasing of International trade is one of the most famous channels of economic integration. It is said that if this integration takes place, members may have a similar business ...  Read More

The Study of Nature and Trend of Technological Change in Iran's Industry (1971-2008)

Nader Dashti; Kazem Yavari; hosein sadeghi soghdel

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 71-95

  Abstract           Technological evolutions as one of basic resources of productivity growth plays a significant role in economic growth. Therefore, after world war ІІ, the determination of measure and bias of technological change has been subject of many ...  Read More

The Effect of Banking Industrial Facilities on Private Sector’s Investment in Industry and Mining(In All Provinces)

Mohammad Vaez Barzani; Hoshang Shajari; Saeid Samadi; Mohammad Akbari Galangedari

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 97-129

  Abstract           Dichotomy among different regions is a special characteristic of developing economies including Iranian economy. This dichotomy creates various problems, to remedy these problems, it calls for serious efforts to make harmony and balance ...  Read More

The study on the effective factors in Chicken meat market in Iran: An application of Vector Autoregression model

Syamak Mashayekhi; Mehrdad Hajizadeh Fallah

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 131-154

  Abstract           The poultry industry is very important in Iran in comparison with other animal husbandry industries for its technical, economic and hygienic aspects. Despite the attempts made by the government to support this industry, still its products ...  Read More

The analysis of market structure and export comparative advantages for grapes & apples in Iran and the rest of the world (1990-2008)

Fatemeh Pasban

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 155-183

  Since the market structure and comparative advantages of exportable products affect economic growth & foreign exchange income of Iran, so, the analysis of factors affecting comparative advantages indices are very important. So, by using the indices such as RCA, RSCA, CR, HHI & the estimation ...  Read More

The Incidence of Dutch Disease in the Agriculture Sector of Iran 1367-1386

Javid Bahrami; Maryam Farshchi

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 185-211

  This paper examines the incidence of Dutch Disease symptoms in the agriculture sector of Iran, by applying SVAR modeling to quarterly data of twenty years span, from1367-1386 our findings do not reveal any significant relation between oil prices, and value added of agriculture sector, but indicate a ...  Read More

Studying The Impact of Increase in Export Price of Agricultural Products on Macroeconomic Variables of Iran

Hamid Mohammadi; Bahaadin Najafi; Vahid Dehbashi

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 213-239

      This study aims at investigating the impacts of increased export price of agricultural products on macroeconomic variables of Iranian Economy. To get the objective, Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) and Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) of 1380 was used. The results showed that with ...  Read More

The effect of Risk Aversion on the Dynamic Selection of the Optimum Portfolio

Seyed Babak Ebrahimi; Masoud Babakhani; Samira Motaghi; Armin Jabarzadeh

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 241-271

  Economic agents are constantly making decisions to maximize their expected utilities while accepting some risks. The question is that, how the efficient portfolio of the assets in a specific level of risk is formed to maximize the individual’s utility?            ...  Read More

A comparative applied study of linear assignment method, TOPSIS and Taxonomy in financial evaluation

Ali Mohammadi

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 273-302

   The purpose of this research is to measure and evaluate the financial performance of car industries and part producer companies as a whole group in Iran stock exchange market  in order to rank these industries and factories. The research was executed for 21 companies financial information ...  Read More

A Survey on the Impacts of Intellectual Property Rights on Innovations in Islamic Developing Countries

Mohammad Hassan Fotros; Mohammad Reza Farzin; Abolfazl Najarzadeh

Volume 11, Issue 40 , April 2011, Pages 303-322

  The formation and appearance of  the concept of knowledge-based economy seems bring changes in the national economies all over the world.  Developed countries are experiencing a shift from traditional energy-based economies to knowledge economy based on of intellectual property factors. Innovation ...  Read More