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Optimal Monetary Policy and Estimating the Credibility of Monetary Policy in Iran using the DSGE Approach

Samira Nasiri; Parviz Davoodi; Hosein Samsami; Hossein Tavakolian

Volume 23, Issue 88 , April 2023, Pages 5-53


  To achieve the optimal monetary policy, attention must be paid to a key element: the credibility of monetary policy authorities. Credibility plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of these policies, as it facilitates the attainment of targeted variables with minimal fluctuation and social cost. Conversely, ...  Read More

Analyzing the Time-Varying Characteristics of Information Flow Networks among Main Industries Indices in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Elham Farzanegan

Volume 23, Issue 88 , April 2023, Pages 54-86


   The information diffusion and interactions within financial markets have a significant impact on the price discovery process and the sentiment and risk dispersion. Despite its importance, limited research has been conducted on information flow dynamics within the Tehran Stock Exchange, which is ...  Read More

Investigating the Relationship between Currency Crises and Bank Credits in Iran using the Time-Varying Parameters Approach

Yazdan Gudarzi Farahani; Omidali Adeli

Volume 23, Issue 88 , April 2023, Pages 87-119


   This study aims to investigate the relationship between currency crises and fluctuations in banking credits in Iran. Utilizing a time-varying coefficients approach spanning from 1989 to 2022, alongside economic boom and recession indicators, the analysis assesses the impact of currency crisis occurrences ...  Read More

Analyzing the Housing Market Network among Iran’s Provinces: New Evidence through Variance Decomposition of Forecast Errors

Hodjatollah Mirzaei; Narges Razban; Teymor Mohamadi; Habib Morovat

Volume 23, Issue 88 , April 2023, Pages 120-157


   Housing price shocks of one region may spread to the housing market of neighboring regions or geographical areas bounded  by political border and lead to the formation of price shocks in shock-receiving areas. The housing policies may not be effective when implemented regionally and separately ...  Read More

Exploring the Role of Inflation Across Different Commodity Groups on Economic Welfare in Iran

Shahryar Zaroki; Sahar Nasrnejad Nesheli; Niloufar Gorgani Firoozjah

Volume 23, Issue 88 , April 2023, Pages 158-202


   In any society, the focus of statesmen, policymakers, and researchers on poverty reduction and enhancing economic welfare is necessary. Given that most government economic policies affect relative prices and their fluctuations, which in turn impact welfare, analyzing the welfare effects caused ...  Read More

Determinants of Tax Revenue and Estimation of Tax Effort Trend in Iran

Roghaye Shojaeddin; Majid Sameti; Zahra Dehghan Shabani

Volume 23, Issue 88 , April 2023, Pages 203-239


  The significance of tax revenue as the primary source of government finance underscores the importance of accurately measuring tax efforts using unbiased methodologies. This study employs a state-space model and the Kalman filter algorithm to estimate tax effort as an unobservable variable within the ...  Read More