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Evaluation of COVID-19 Virus Effect on Production and Employment of Iranian Economy

Esfandiar Jahangard; Jamal Kakaie

Volume 21, Issue 80 , April 2021, , Pages 47-77


   The COVID-19 pandemic became widespread in most countries of the world in late 2019. In addition to human casualties, it has also affected the economies of countries. According to IMF, the world economic growth in 2020 was -3.5 percent. However, the GDP’s growth rate of the Iran economy for ...  Read More

Construction of MultiRegional Input-Output Table with CHARM Method

Elham Shadabfar; Fatemeh Bazzazan; Ali Asghar Banouei

Volume 20, Issue 79 , January 2021, , Pages 225-260


    The Multi-Regional Input-Output Table (MRIO) provides comprehensive information on the economic statistics of regions, with help of which economic structure of regions and economic relations among them are determined. Since regional tables and statistics data of inter-regional trade, which are ...  Read More

Effects of Information Technology on Production Chain in Iran: An Input-Output Approach

Saeed Moshiri; Maryam Parsa; Liela Darougar

Volume 18, Issue 68 , April 2018, , Pages 1-44


  As a general-purpose technology, information and communication technology (ICT) leads to increasing productivity and economic growth in different sectors. Iran, as a semi-industrialized developing economy, has recently made relatively high level of investment on ICT in different sectors of the economy. ...  Read More

Evaluation of RAS and Generalized RAS in Updating Positive and Negative Cells of Input-Output Tables

afsane sherkat; Mohammad Jelodari Mamaghani; Ali Asghar Banouei; Ashkan Mokhtary Asl Shouti; Sonia Sabzalizad Honarvar

Volume 15, Issue 56 , April 2015, , Pages 135-160

  In this paper, we have used four conventional, Adjusted, Generalized, and Adjusted Generalized RAS methods to update input-output Coefficients (IOC). Conventional and Adjusted RAS methods can only update positive and zero cells and are not sensitive to the existing negative cells like net exports and/or ...  Read More

Using Average Propagation Lengths (APL) Index to Identify Production Chains in Iran

Esfandiar Jahangard; Afrouz Azadikhah Jahromi

Volume 13, Issue 51 , January 2014, , Pages 81-111

  In this paper we identify the production chains of Iranian economy by using average propagation length (APL) index. In our imprical investigation, we have applied the mentioned methodology to the 2000 input-output table of Iran. In order to obtain a clear overview of the production chains in Iran, the ...  Read More